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AmoyMagic-- Travel , Resident and Business Guide to Xiamen and Fujian
Xiamen Gulangyu Kulangyu Kolongsoo Kolongsu KulongsuGulangyu
Jimei Tan Kah Kee Jimei University Turtle Garden Jimei AmoyMagic-- Travel , Resident and Business Guide to Xiamen and FujianTong'an
Jinmen Quemoy Matsu Taiwan
Zhangzhou  changchow Zhangzhou
Discover Quanzhou, ancient start of maritime silk route ( or Zaytun Zaitun Zaiton ) from which Marco Polo sailed,  Sinbad the Arab visited.  ChinchewQuanzhou Wuyi Mountain Guide Zhuxi  tea Wuyi
Favorite Fujian tourist sites , in order: Xiamen Quanzhou Longyan Hakka earthen houses Wuyi mountain Ningde
#1Fujian Sites!
Photographs of Fuhken places like Zhangzhou, Longyan, Ningde, Sanming, Wuyi Mountain
Fujian Foto Album
Guidebooks about Fujian and Xiamen Fujian Adventure Discover Quanzhou Discover Gulangyu Magic Fujian etc.Books on Fujian
Letters from AmoyMagic ReadersReaders'Letters

Ningde Taimu Mountain ZhouningNingde Zhouning Carp VillageZhouning
Longyan Yongding Hakka round houses earthen architectureLongyan Sanming Scenic Wonderland Mingxi Gem bed rubies Sanming

Putian Fujian Xianyou Mazu TemplePutian Fujian covered wooden bridgesBridges
Xiamen travel agents and ticketing for trains, planes and automobiles
Travel Info,
Hakka Earthen architecture Hakka Roundhouses

Xiamen Travel Agents and Tour Guides English SpeakingTravel Agents

Historical and Modern Amoy People -- Colorful Characters!Amoy People! amoy mission missionaries
Darwinian Driving Survival of the Fastest DarwinDarwin Driving
Darwin Chinese Driving Survival of fastest
South China Tigers -- our Amoy Kitty CatsAmoy Tigers
Chinese inventions compass gunpowder printing paper zoos newspaper etc.Chinese Inventions
1994 80 day 40,000 km drive to Tibet & backTibet in 80 Days!forty thousand kilometer drive around China
Dethroned Perils of Chinese Potty ToiletDethroned!
Chinese bathrooms
Writings by Bill Brown about life in China,  Fukien Xiamen etc. Includes 80 Day Drive to Tibet  Darwinian Driving Misc.Writings
Latest news tips ideas updatesLatest News
OpiumWars short history and background of the Opium Wars between China Britain Europe missionaries battle against opium addiction etc.Lord of Opium
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Chinese Kung Fu and Martial Arts Korean Tae Kwon Do  Japanese JujitsuMartial arts Chinese Kung FuKung Fu

AmoyMagic--Guide to Xiamen & Fujian
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Amoy Magic--Guide to Xiamen & Fujian!
Copyright 2005 by Dr. Bill Brown, Xiamen University MBA Center

"Magic Fujian!" (Chinese/English parallel with MP3 Audio CD) Over 350 pages, with B&W and color photos

"Magic Fujian" was based on the 60 mini-episode "Laowai Kan Fujian" ("A Foreigner's Fujian") TV-series I wrote and filmed for Fujian Provincial TV.
Available in Xiamen bookstores (Try Nissi Bookstore) or Click Here to order online from the U.S. or Holland

Magic Fujian Contents

Preface by President of Fujian Media Group
Foreword by Dr. William N. Brown
Episode 1 San TongYi Jia [3 Links 1 Family]

Episode 2 Tan Kak Kee [Founder of Xiamen University]
Episode 3 Garden Island Vacation
Episode 4 Gulangyu, the Piano Island
coxinga fujian reticulated pythons south china amoy tiger round houses zhangzhou hand puppets taoist statue quanzhou kung fu
Episode 5 Xiamen Architecture
Episode 6 Xiamen¡¯s Economics, and CIFIT[China Intl Fair for Investment & Trade]
Supplementary Reading One Dethroned
Episode 7 Fabled Quanzhou¡ªthe Great Melting Pot
Episode 8 Quanzhou, Masters of the Sea
Episode 9 Zhenghe, the Great Admiral
Episode 10 Quanzhou, the Holy Land of Ancient China
Episode 11 Quanzhou, the Holy Land of Foreign Religions
Episode 12 Quanzhou Culture
Episode 13 The Walled City of Chongwu
Episode 14 Hui¡¯an Stonemasons & Hui¡¯an Maidens
Supplementary Reading Two Half the Sky---Get a Baomu
Episode 15 Zhangzhou¡ª¡°Land of Plenty¡±
Episode 16 Changtai, Xiamen¡¯s Backyard
Episode 17 Dongshan Island, Fujian¡¯s Hawaii
Episode 18 Koxinga, Liberator of Taiwan
Episode 19 Introduction to Ningde
Episode 20 Sandu¡¯ao, the World¡¯s Deepest Ice-free Harbor
Episode 21 Xiapu, a Holy Place
Episode 22 Yangjiaxi Bamboo Raft Rides
Episode 23 Taimu Mountain: Nature and Religion
Episode 24 Naturally Air-conditioned Zhouning
gulangyu catholic church buddha jumps the wall soup piano islet gulangyu san duo'ao real water world
Episode 25 Zhouning Carp Village
Episode 26 Zhouning Granny Xu and Kung Fu Fighters
Episode 27 Nine Dragon Falls and Baishuiyang
Supplementary Reading Three Pew Perils
Episode 28 Fujian Bridges
Episode 29 Fuzhou, the Banyan City
Episode 30 Mawei, the Cradle of Chinese Seamanship
Supplementary Reading Four McChina
Episode 31 Fuzhou Food
Episode 32 Introduction to Wuyi Mountain
Episode 33 Wuyi Mountain¡ªFujian¡¯s ¡°Garden of Eden¡±
Episode 34 The origin of Min, Relic of the Han Town
Episode 35 Wuyi Tea, Soup for the Souls
Episode36 Introduction to Putian
Episode 37 Mazu, the Sea Goddess
Episode 38 Putian, City of Lychee
Episode 39 Xianyou ¨C Nine Carp Falls and Dream Praying
Episode 40 Xiamen International School
Supplementary Reading Five These are the Magi (Gift-giving in China)
Episode 41 Nanjing¡¯s Hakka Roundhouses
Episode 42 Yongding Roundhouses
Episode 43 The South China Tigers of Meihua Mountain
Episode 44 Liancheng¡¯s Guanzai Mountain
zhouning kung fu southern shaolin martial arts dehua ancient porcelain chongwu walled city
Episode 45 Changting¡ªthe Little Red Shanghai
Episode 46 Ancient Hakka Changting
Episode 47 Changting¡¯s Unusual Religious Sites
Episode 48 Tufang Village & Hakka Cuisine
Supplementary Reading Six Nights of the Round Table
Episode 49 Introduction to Sanming
Episode 50 Sanming, the Ancient Culture and Geshikao
Episode 51 Ancient Shaxian
Episode 52 Shaxian¡ªFujian¡¯s Gourmet City!
Episode 53 Mingxi, the Gem Capital of Fujian
Episode 54 Shibi¡ªHakka Homeland
Episode 55 Taining ¨C the Ming Dynasty House and the Gold Lake
Episode 56 Tea Capital of Anxi
Episode 57 Porcelain Capital of Dehua
Episode 58 A Yen for Yongtai
Episode 59 Fuzhou¡¯s Colonial Architecture
Episode 60 The Fujian of the Future!

Fascinating Fujian Destinations! (Outside Xiamen)
Mythical Zaytun (Quanzhou) Start of the Maritime Silk
fujian potala palace mazu stone bamboo fertility totemRoad!
Quanzhou Marionettes
Fujian's Marvelous Wooden Bridges!
Zhangzhou Ancient City of Flowers
Hakka Roundhouses Unique earthen castles
Ningde Birthplaces of S. China Civilization?
Water World (Sandu'ao) Fishing Villages Upon the Sea!
Xiapu Rafting, Kukai's Temple (Japanese), Seafood, deng deng!
Zhouning (my favorite!) Zhouning Thumbnails Delightful place--China's largest waterfalls complex, Kungfu fighting highlanders, carp worshippers...
Wuyi Mountain Amazing historical, cultural and natural attractions

Fujian Foto Album!!!

An Intro to Fujian and How I Got Here

Extra Reading!
Want to learn Chinese? Click here to learn why I'm Mad About Mandarin wooden bridges china's largest waterfalls complex min kingdom ruins relics manichaean temple

Click Here for Misc. articles on everything from Darwinian Driving to "Around China in 80 Days"

How and why did we Westerners open up Xiamen and Fujian to trade? You'll be glad the Chinese are such a forgiving people after you read my brief overview of
The Opium Wars

For more insights on Fujian, read these Travelogues by Scott Ballantyne! (Xiamen ABB)

Other Miscellaneous Writings on Chinese Subjects

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Photos of fujian square bamboo wuyi mountain taimu mountain xianyou dream praying temple

TRAVEL LINKS Hakka Earthen architecture Favorite Fujian Sites Photographs of Fuhken places like Zhangzhou, Longyan, Ningde, Sanming, Wuyi MountainFujian Foto Album AmoyMagic-- Travel , Resident and Business Guide to Xiamen and FujianXiamen Gulangyu Kulangyu Kolongsoo Kolongsu KulongsuGulangyu Guide to Fukien Fuhken Fujian Guides Mystic Quanzhou -- the fabled port of Zayton ( or Zaytun Zaitun Zaiton ) from which Marco Polo sailed,  Sinbad the Arab visited.  ChinchewQuanzhou Zhangzhou  changchow Zhangzhou Longyan Yongding Liancheng Changting Amoy Tigers LianchengLongyan Wuyi Mountain Guide Zhuxi  tea Wuyi Mtn Ningde Taimu Mountain ZhouningNingde Putian Fujian Xianyou Mazu TemplePutian Sanming Scenic Wonderland Mingxi Gem bed rubies Sanming
Zhouning Carp VillageZhouning
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Letters from AmoyMagic ReadersReaders' Letters

Gulangyu Kulangyu Kolongsoo Kolongsu Kulongsu

Guide to Xiamen University Historic and modern, including departments -- Arts Science computers mathematics accounting management law department etc.Xiamen Univ

Mystic Quanzhou -- the fabled port of Zayton ( or Zaytun Zaitun Zaiton ) from which Marco Polo sailed,  Sinbad the Arab visited.  Chinchew

AmoyMagic-- Travel , Resident and Business Guide to Xiamen and Fujian

Fujian Adv

Guide to Fukien Fuhken  Bilingual Chinese English Parallel with MP3 CDFujianGuide

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