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Maid Service Information
Anyone in China that can afford it, from executives to teachers, hires a baomu 保姆(domestic helper)--otherwise daily chores take all day, every day! Our own helper, Lixi, has been part of our family since 1988! Read about her amazing story in "Half the Sky", which Bill wrote for "Women of China
Click Here
for English version of "Half the Sky"
Click Here for Chinese Version of "Half the Sky"
Click Here for "Women of China" magazine (great English site)
Click Here for NEW YORK TIMES article about Chinese nannies in U.S.! (Thanks to Chris Green for this tip).

Need a helper? Contact Ms. Eunice Chao at qp21 AT Her firm also provides comprehensive services for expat companies.
Also check the Amoy Magic Forum
Cartoon of Sue holding up the sky, from Chairman Mao's saying "Women hold up half the sky"

"Half the Sky"
(in "Women of China" magazine) Dr. Bill
Click Here for Chinese version (中文)

A woman is like a teabag—only in hot water do you realize how strong she is.
.........................Nancy Reagan

After seven years in Los Angeles, life in China seemed to proceed at a snail’s pace. But even so, we had little free time, because our everyday chores took all day—until we hired a baomu (housekeeper/cook).

Unless you have a baomu, the head of the house (or her husband) must spend hours each morning haggling over every onion, carrot, head of cabbage, or block of tofu with merchants who point to enigmatic scratches on bamboo scales that haven’t changed in 5,015 years, and proclaim that 4 eggs weigh a pound and a half. And once back home, the cleaning, chopping, cooking and dishwashing takes hours. No wonder that a baomu is a top priority for even poor professors. We eventually heeded our colleagues’ urges to hire a baomu.
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Our first candidate was a grandmother who crossed our threshold and crossed my wife in one fell swoop by instructing Susan on the errors of her ways in cooking, cleaning, studying, and raising kids. She did not last a week.

Our next time around we tried our hand with students, who were thrilled at getting paid for learning English (which is what they interpreted their job to be). Xiao Hong and Melanie did little but read our English books and watch TV.
At long last a Chinese professor suggested, “Why not hire a baomu from the countryside? They are honest, hard-working, dependable, and cheap.”

“Cheap” went straight to my heart, and the next day we met Lixi, a cook’s wife, never imagining that this froward, silent soul would become like family.

It was an oppressively hot and muggy October day, but Lixi sported her entire wardrobe: long johns and striped naval undershirt beneath cotton pants and long-sleeved shirt; and over that, a vintage, frayed exercise suit, topped off with a ratty gray sweater buttoned to the neck, and olive drab canvas regulation army tennis-shoes that were probably handed down from Mao's Long March.
Lixi contemplated her navel while her husband, wise to the “honest, hardworking peasant” lore, extolled her virtues. The few times I addressed Lixi directly, she peered furtively through thick, disheveled bangs, then resumed picking her frayed cuffs with calloused fingers.

“Can she speak?” I inquired.

“Not Mandarin, just the Minnan dialect,” her husband confessed.“But she’s smart. Just show her what to do.”

“Can she cook?”

“No, but I’ll teach her.”
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I suspected this sullen apparition was incapable of motion, either physically or mentally, but just as I sought to tactfully end the interview--she moved. Matthew was edging towards the doorway and the dangerous street beyond, and Lixi flew to her feet, snatched him to her breast with practiced swoop, and face aglow, bustled him off to his room. Then she retreated to her chair, donned her practiced frown, and picked at her frayed cuffs.
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Inspired, Lixi's husband cried, “She’s great with children.”

Enough said. Sue hired her on the spot—to my immediate regret.

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, Lixi ought never to have landed a man. No wok wizard, she was more of an alchemist than a cook. She transmuted the choicest slices of fish into blackened slabs of charcoal, and fresh vegetables, baptized in oil and pickled in salt, became mush.

And how to communicate with her? Her Mandarin was worse than ours, and she could not read. Even sign language failed. I suggested to Sue that we dismiss her, but Lixi’s desperation defused my anger, and I consoled myself that man does not live by rice alone.

Though incommunicado with us, Lixi was telepathic with tots—especially Matthew, whom she bore on her back from dawn to dusk. But no wonder she understood children: she had four of her own before begging the doctor to tie things off down below.

Mark Twain wrote, “There was never yet an uninteresting life. Such a thing is an impossibility. Inside of the dullest exterior there is a drama, a comedy, and a tragedy.”

Twain must have meant Lixi, whose plebeian dust jacket does no justice to her contents. Lixi raised four children single-handedly by working the fields until her staunch Buddhist family drove her from home after she became a Christian. She trekked over the mountains to Xiamen and became a day laborer, lugging baskets of granite slung across her brawny shoulders. After two years in the school of hard rocks, she graduated and became our brawny baomu, lugging towheads with heads lighter but harder than the granite she was used to hauling around.
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Lixi applied her diehard spirit to becoming a capable member of our household. She learned Mandarin and, to my chagrin, taught herself to read some of the characters that still eluded me. She even taught herself to cook both Chinese and Western food. By watching Susan she learned how to whip up a pizza, sandwiches, burgers and fries, Irish stew. Even Chinese guests begged for her recipes.

After Lixi had been with us for two years, we moved her four children to Xiamen to help educate them and to fatten them up a bit, for they were skin and bone. Her oldest son eventually took up computers, her sister opened a small shop, and Lixi used her limited income to help those even poorer than herself, both in Xiamen and back home in Anxi, proving that investments in the poor reap compound interest.

Give and it shall be given…

Chairman Mao claimed, “Women hold up half the sky,” but I think that was an understatement. Chinese women, even with hands bound by lack of education, hold up a lot more than half.

Hire a baomu--because they have a lot to teach us!
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半边天 ----雇个保姆吧("Half the Sky" Chinese Version)Lixi carrying Matthew in 1988.  The two were inseparable for the first few years!  Amoy Magic--Guide to Xiamen and Fujian.  Http://  Xiamen tourism, travel, study

。。。。。。。。。。 1996年12月获《半边天》 《中国妇女杂志》的第二奖

F鷍i鄋 Fukien Fokyen fuhchien Ka-ho-san, Chuan-chhu-oa Foochow Big-Hat Toa-bo Su-beng-su ?? Ko-koa (??) Gaoqi  Gaoqi--site of Gaoqi Int'l Airport a small town about three miles northwest of Amoy Pitcher 1912, p.24 In and about Amoy Story of Amoy Mission MacGowan Lam-tai-bu Changchow Zhangzhou  Chiang-Chiu Chang-chow and Chuan-chow Zhangpu Ka-ho-san Chuan-chhu-oa outskirts of Amoy in hills The Po-lam Bridge Loh-iu Luoyang ?Chhah Siang ? Hu鞉an Pu-Nan Pho-Lam ?? Chiang Kai-Shek. Chee-ang Khy-sheck Jiang Jieshi DELL ?? Metro ?? ???  Wal-mart Koolongsoo Kulangsoo Kulangsu Koolangsu KOLONQ-SU Gul鄋gyu John Otte Reformed church Dutch Holland女人就象袋泡茶,只有放在热水里才显示出她的能量。





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“便宜”一下子打动了我的心。于是,第二天,我们就见到了李西, 一名厨师的妻子,但不曾想到就是这位既固执又寡言的老婆子后来竟成了我家不可或缺的一员。

李西的丈夫不停地在吹她的优点:老实、勤劳……, 只有她低着头站在一旁。我几乎很少直接称呼李西, 但每当此时,她也只是透过浓密、凌乱的刘海偷偷瞥上我一眼,而后又用她那双长满老茧的手扯捏着磨损的衣袖口。




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马克 ? 吐温曾经写到:
“生活从来就不会乏味。乏味是不可能的。 在无聊的外表之下,总隐藏着一出戏,要么是喜剧,要么是悲剧。”
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Xiamen, Fujian 361005



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