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Gulangyu Hotels & Accomodations
(Adapted from 2008 "Magic Xiamen--Guide to Xiamen")
Gulangyu Kulangyu Kolongsoo Kolongsu KulongsuGuide to Gulangyu   Gulangyu Postcards by Bai Hua famous photographer South China Morning Post
Gulangyu Postcards!   Cheap Gulangyu Accomodations
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Magic Millennium Hotel Xiamen Best HotelsMagic Millennium Blog

Note!  Xiamen hotel online booking is convenient, but often quite expensive.   If you book on arrival you shouldbe able to get them down 10 or 20%, or even 30% if off season, but you run the risk of no rooms (though with the present economy, that probably is not likely).  CLICK HERE to Google and book Xiamen hotels rooms.

My Favorites
Off Island: 
Accomodations & dining on Gulangyu are not the best, so I recommend Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen.  Right downtown, it is a pleasant stroll to either downtown or the Gulangyu ferry, and as Xiamen's first international hotel, it has the best rooms, service, and dining (best buffets in town.   Click Here for info.

On Gulangyu Island:  Gulanyu Villa is delightful; grassy lawns, near the beach; but remote, and not much fun in inclement weather.  7th Day Adventist Sanatorium is also secluded, quiet, cheap, and has good vegetarian food.   Bayview Inn is a favorite with wedding photographers; white picket fence, yard.  Near the ferry; but pricey if not booked in advance, and when my friends booked online, the Bayview argued about deducting the deposit (for which they had a receipt) from the bill, saying it was an internet fee (but they had paid a separate internet fee).  So for on-island, you might try Yo Yo Inn.

** Yo Yo Inn  The Andersons just returned to trace John's Anderson's roots (he was born in Hope Hospital on Gulangyu in the 1940s), and they stayed at Yo Yo Inn, and were delighted with the place, the food, and the convenient location (10 minutes from ferry).  Includes wi-fi in room and lobby, free breakfast.
Address: #66 Quanzhou Rd.  Google Yo Yo Inn Xiamen Gulangyu to book online (many sites will do it).

*Gulangyu Villa Hotel (Gǔlàngyǔ Biéshù Jiúdiàn 鼓浪别墅酒店) 3 Stars. Delightfully secluded beachfront location. Take ferry to back of island. Tel: 2063280
Add: #14 Gǔshēng Lù Zip 361002 鼓声路14号

7th Day Adventist Sanatorium (Měihuá Lǎorén Liáoyǎng Yuàn 美华老人疗养院) Delightful inexpensive hilltop retreat; great vegetarian food. Take ferry to Gǔlàng Villa Hotel (Gǔlàngyǔ Biéshù Jiúdiàn 鼓浪别墅酒店). Turn right, walk up the coast a bit, ascend narrow granite path behind the bust of the man who invented Pīnyīn, take left fork. Just past the hilltop cemetery. Tel: 2066517

Xiàmén Night Lily Guesthouse/Bed & Breakfast (Xiàmén Yèbǎihé Bīnguǎn 厦门夜百合宾馆). No one answers any of the numbers, so I assume it is closed, though their website is still up:

Gulangyu Bayview Inn (Wanjing Lǔguǎn 湾景旅馆) Near harbor, off Lóngtóu Rd.; “Old World” feel; good rates.
Tel: 2060466 FAX: 2060468
Add: #17 Lóngtóu Lù, Gǔlàngyǔ Islet 鼓浪屿龙头路17号

Gulangyu Xiamen Marine Garden Hotel,
Gǔlàngyǔ (Xiàmén Hǎishàng Huāyuán Jiúdiàn 厦门海上花园酒店 4 Stars Gǔlàngyǔ’s 1st 4-star; on back of island by Gǎngzǐhòu Beach. Tel: 2062688
FAX: 2062588  Add: #27 Tiánwěi Rd, Gǔlàngyǔ Islet Zip: 361002 田尾路27号

Gulangyu Piano Island Hotel (Qīndáo Jiúdiàn 琴岛酒店) About 60 meters to left of ferry. Tel: 2066668 FAX: 2066688 Add: #8 Lùjiāo Lù 鹿礁路8号鼓浪屿
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Jinquan Villa; former U.S. Consulate (金泉宾馆,原美国领事馆 at #26 Sanming Rd.. [Now Closed]. Five minute walk from ferry. Day Tel: 5740505
Add: #26 Sānmíng Lù 三明路26号 Near Sānqiūtián Ferry 三丘田码头

Beautiful Island Hotel, #133 Longtou Rd. (Līzhī Dǎo Jiúdiàn, 丽之岛酒店)
5 minute walk from ferry. Small rooms but clean and cheap. Tel: 206-3309
Add: #133 Longtou Lù 龙头路133号

Luzhou Hotel, Gulangyu(Lùzhōu Jiúdiàn 绿洲酒店) 1 Minute walk straight ahead from Ferry Terminal. Tel: 2065390   (NOW CLOSED)
Add: #1 Lóngtóu Lù Zip: 361002 龙头路1号

Gulangyu Bright Moon Garden Villas (Hàoyuè Yuán, 皓月园) Delightful cottages overlooking the sea behind the Koxinga Statue on islet’s N.E. side. Tel: 2069730.

Gulangyu Cadres Sanitarium (Gǔlàngyǔ Gànbù Liáoyǎng Yuàn 鼓浪屿干部疗养院) Great environment, but pricey: 500 Yuan for standard room (are only cadres allowed?). Tel: 2063480 Add: #18 Tiánwěi Rd Lù 田尾路18号
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Going Cheap on Gulangyu
Warning!  You get what you pay for (or don't pay for).  With a good discount, the Xiamen Millennium Harbourview, with their great rooms and buffets, are a great deal.  But if you insist on staying on Gulangyu, here are the less expensive places.

Gulangyu International Youth Hostel
(Xiàmén Gǔlàngyǔ Gújì Qīngnián Lǔshè 厦门鼓浪屿国际青年旅舍 Only 100 meters from ferry, to the left and up the hill (by red-brick former British Consulate). I wanted to check out the rooms but never got past the surly front desk staff; maybe it was their time of the month.  Tel: 2066066
Add: #18 Lùjiāo Lù 鹿礁路18号E-mail:

Gulangyu Haihua Holiday Cottage (Hǎihuá Dùjià Wū海华度假屋) Three small foreign architecture houses; boasts view of Sunlight Rock?but what on Gǔlàngyǔ does not? 9 rooms with baths; 18 beds. Most expensive room: 200 Yuan per night; 80 Yuan in low season. Tel: 2066935
Add: #28 Zhōnghuá Lù 中华路28号

Gulangyu Joyful Guest Tavern (Bīnyuè Kèzhàn 宾悦客栈) Cheapest backpacker hangout on Gǔlàngyǔ; private villa turned tavern, beside Trinity Church. Spartan facilities: toilet, public bath, small, shady garden. Beds from 26 Yuan per night. Two-person room 160 Yuan. Tel: 2063520
Add: #44 Anhai Lù, by Trinity Church (安海路44号,三一堂旁边)

Public Waterworks Sanitarium (Zìláishuǐ Liáoyǎng Yuàn自来水公司疗养院) Just south of Bright Moon Park (皓月园再向南走). Rooms about 150 per night; discount available. Tel: 2062411 Add: Zhāngzhōu Lù 漳州路

Getting to Gulangyu Ferry Terminal
From Airport (16 km): Bus #27 or taxi  From Long Distance Bus Station (3km): busses #10, 23, 30
From Train St. (5km): busses # 2, 19, 25, 28, 50, 51, 56, 67
From Taiwan-controlled Jinmen Island (3km): swim
Ferry Schedule: every 15 min. by day; 20 min. by night.
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Guide to Xiamen University Historic and modern, including departments -- Arts Science computers mathematics accounting management law department etc.Xiamen Univ

Mystic Quanzhou -- the fabled port of Zayton ( or Zaytun Zaitun Zaiton ) from which Marco Polo sailed,  Sinbad the Arab visited.  Chinchew

AmoyMagic-- Travel , Resident and Business Guide to Xiamen and Fujian

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Guide to Fukien Fuhken  Bilingual Chinese English Parallel with MP3 CD



Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen  First and Best #1 Millennium Harbourview Hotel was Xiamen's first international hotel; click here to see why it is still the best.   Millennium is ideally located, it is just a short stroll to downtown Zhongshan road, or the Gulangyu Ferry. My favorite restaurants include their Portofino, Xiamen's finest Italian, and Harbour Cafe, which has Xiamen's best breakfast buffet, and different international cuisines each night of the week.  Loong Yuen has great Cantonese and food, and watch their amazing pasta master work his magic.  Also visit their Sakura Japanese restaurant.

       Top 15 Xiamen Hotels (each has unique attributes...)
Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen: best service, lodging & dining
Xiamen International Seaside Hotel: by Convention Center on Ring Rd.
Rosewood Lakeview Plaza (spacious, service apartments on lake)
Lujiang Hotel: on harbor, facing Gǔlàngyǔ, off Zhōngshān Rd.
Gulangyu Villa Hotel: on secluded Gǔlàngyǔ beach (back of islet).
Xiamen Mandarin: our premier garden hotel.
Marco Polo: on Yuandang Lake; many excellent restaurants in area.
Peony Wanpeng Hotel: faces Botanical Garden (great foot massage)
Yiyuan Hotel: on island ring road; location of Xiàmén Int'l Fellowship.
Overseas Chinese Hotel; off Zhōngshān Rd.; famous for local cuisine
Sofitel: near Xiàmén gov’t; best French cuisine.
Riyuegu (Sun Moon Valley): Hot Springs Resort; one of best in Asia.
Best Western Trithorn Hotsprings Resort: a favorite getaway.
Hilford Hotel (near Xiamen Univ): great aquatic recreation.
Best Western Hotel: innovative services and programs for int’l guests.

50+ Top Xiamen Hotels, Alphabetically
Airport Hotel Xiamen (Xiàmén Guójì Jīchǎng Dà Jiúdiàn 厦门国际机场大酒店) Tel: 5736688
Add: Gāoqí Int’l Airport, Zip: 361006  厦门高崎国际机场

Asia Gulf Hotel Xiamen (Yàzhōu Hǎiwān Dà Jiúdiàn 亚洲海湾大酒店 5 Stars Elegant joint venture resort hotel on Island Ring Road (Huándǎo Lù 环岛路) ; heavenly seaside swimming pool. Tel: 2198888 FAX: 2197777
Add: #98 Huángcuò, Island Ring Road 黄厝98号,环岛路中段
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Best Western Premier Trithorn Hotspring Resort Xiamen (Zuìjiā Xīfāng Xiàmén Cuìfēng Wēnquán Dùjià Jiúdiàn 最佳西方厦门翠丰温泉度假酒店 Best Western’s first 5-star resort in China, this 35,000m2 resort is delightful for an overnighter or a weekend getaway. Location: 6km. north of Tóng’ān in Tīngxī village, opposite scenic Tīngxī Reservoir (汀溪水库对面)   Tel: 7159999

Bigong (Jade Palace) Hotel Xiamen (Bìgōng Jiúdiàn 碧宫酒店) 3 Stars
Tel: 5854828 #24 Húbīn Zhōng Lù, Zip 361004 湖滨中路24号

Best Western Xiamen (厦门京闽中心酒店) 4 Stars Once Fujian’s largest hotel.
Tel: 5123333 Add: North of Chángqīng Lù, Xiàmén, Zip: 361012 长青路北 (Excellent English Resources for international guests)

City Hotel Xiamen (Xiàmén Bīnguǎn 厦门宾馆) 4 Star Elegant garden setting; great Mǐnnán cuisine; Thai consulate on hotel grounds. Tel: 2053333
Add: 16 Húyuán Lù Zip 361001 虎园路16号
E-mail: Buses: 19 or 27.

East Ocean (Donghai) Hotel Xiamen (Dōnghǎi Dàshà Jiúdiàn 东海大厦酒店 Very convenient; 5 minute walk to Gǔlàngyǔ Ferry. Tel: 202 1111
Add: #1 Zhōngshān Rd, Xiàmén, Zip: 361001 中山路1号

Galaxy Hotel Xiamen (Yínhé Shāngwù Jiúdiàn 银河商务酒店)
Tel: 5809188 Add: #988 Xiàhé Lù, Zip 361004 厦禾路988号

Gold Coast Hotel Xiamen (Xiàmén Jīn Hǎiàn Dà Jiúdiàn厦门金海岸大酒店)
3 Stars, close to Xiamen Govt. and Yuándāng Lake. (Offers babysitting!).
Tel: 5303333 Add: #40 Húbīn Běi Lù, Xiàmén, 361012 湖滨北40号
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Hilford Hotel Xiàmén (Xiàmén Xīěrfú Jiúdiàn 厦门希尔福酒店)
Tel: 2082222 Add: 495 S. Sīmíng Lù 思明南路495号

Hometel “Youth Sunlight Service Apartments” (Xiàmén Qīngnián
YángguāngZìjù Gōngyù 厦门青年阳光自助公寓) 128-158 Yuan per day; at least nine convenient locations. 

Hometel Xiàhé Lù Branch:
.厦禾店 Tel: 2110038 Add: Hòudài Xī Lù #143-717 Yínlóng Guǎngchǎng 后埭溪路银龙广场143号717室
Hometel Dōngdù Branch 东渡店 Tel: 5611115 Add: #69 Dōngdù Lù Lùbīn Bldg. #1905 东渡路69号鹭槟大厦1905室
Hometel Xiānyuè Branch 仙岳店 Tel: 55011313Xiānyuè Lù: (opposite SM) 仙岳路 (SM 对面) 

InternationalSeaside Hotel Xiamen (Xiàmén Guójì Huizhǎn Jiúdiàn 厦门国际会展酒店) 5 Stars Tel: 5959999 FAX: 5959666
Add: 199 Conference & Exhibit Center #2 Rd. Zip 361008 

International Youth Hostel Xiamen (Xiàmén Guójì Qīngnián Lǔshè厦门国际青年旅舍)
41 Nanhua Road 南华路41号 (Facing International Book Store)
Tel: 2082345 FAX: 2199876 E-mail:
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Jinbao Hotel Xiamen (Jīnbǎo Jiúdiàn Xiàmén 金宝酒店 厦门)
Tel: 6013888 FAX: 6013122 Add: #126 Dōnghǎi Lù 厦门东渡路126号

Kingty Hotel Xiamen (厦门金帝酒店) Inexpensive, functional. Tel: 5111888
Add: #189 West of Xiānyuè Lù Zip 361002 仙岳路西段189号

Lakeview Bailu Zhou Hotel (Báilù Zhōu Dà Jiúdiàn 白鹭洲大酒店)
Tel: 2226888 Add: #95 Húbīn Nán Lù Zip 361004 湖滨南路95号

Longdu Hotel (厦门龙都大酒店) 3 Star Tel: 5806666 FAX: 5802999
Add: # 878 Xiàhé Lù Zip: 361004 厦和路878号

Lùjiang Hotel (Lùjiāng Jiúdiàn 鹭江酒店) On harbor facing Gulangyu. Great views, dimsum, Mǐnnán cuisine Tel: 2022206 Add: #54 Lùjiāng Dào,
Zip: 361001鹭江道54
E-mail: /

Lushan Hotel Xiamen (Xiàmén Lúshān Bīnguǎn 厦门庐山宾馆), 15 minutes from Airport; 10 minutes from train station. Tel: 5136888
Add: No.102 Jiāhé Lù, Zip 361009嘉禾路102号

Luxury Hotel Xiamen
(Lìxuān Jiúdiàn 厦门丽轩酒店) 3 Stars
Tel: 6021252 Add: #13 Húlǐ Dà Dào Zip: 361006 湖里 大道13号
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Mandarin Hotel Xiamen (Yuèhuá Jiúdiàn, 悦华酒店 ) 5 Stars Xiàmén’s flagship hotel; facility’s supposedly cover 50 acres! Tel: 6023333 FAX: 6021431
Add: 101 Yuèhuá Lù 悦华路101号 Hǔlǐ District, Xiàmén 361006
elegant Marco Polo on Yuandang Lake
Marco Polo Xiamen (厦门马哥孛罗东方大酒店) 4 Stars. One of our finest; facing Yuandang Lake; 15 min. from airport. A favorite Lǎowài hangout.
Tel: 5091888 FAX: 5075236 Add: 8 Jiànyè Lù 建业路8号 Xiamen, 361012

Millenium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen (Xiàmén Hǎijǐng Qiānxī Dajiǔdian 厦门海景千禧大酒店) 4 Stars. Xiàmén’s 1st “international” hotel, best downtown location. Great buffet, Hollywood Bar, Portofino Italian
Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen  First and Bestrestaurant (my favorite). Click for more info.
Reservations: 800 830 3608 Front Desk: 2023333 FAX: 2036666
Add: 12-8 Zhēnhǎi Lù 镇海路12-8号

Mǐnnán Hotel (Mǐnnán Dà Jiúdiàn 闽南大酒店) Rocket-shaped Xiàmén landmark has our only revolving restaurant; 5 min. from train station, 10 min. from airport. Tel: 5181188 FAX: 5180460
Add: 26-34 Húbīn Nánlù Yīlǐ Zip 361004 湖滨南路一里26-34号
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Overseas Chinese Hotel (Huáqiáo Dàshà 厦门华侨大厦) Famous Mǐnnán cuisine. Tel: 2660888 Add: 70-74 Xīnhuá Lù, Zip 361003 新华路70-74号

Park Hotel (Hóngdū Dà Fàndiàn 宏都 大饭店) Near Electronic City.
Tel: 2228888 Add: #201 Báilùzhōu Lù 白鹭洲路201号Xiàmén 361004

Peony Wanpeng Hotel (Mǔdān Wànpéng Bīnguǎn 牡丹万鹏宾馆 4 Stars.
Faces the Botanical Garden (Wànshíyuán 万石园). Our favorite foot massage.
Tel: 2662888 Add: #17-19 Húyuán Lù Xiàmén 361003 虎园路17-19号

Powerlong Hotel (Xiàmén Bǎolóng Dà Jiúdiàn厦门宝龙大酒店) 5 Stars, on Yuándāng Lake. Tel: 5188888 Add: #133 Húbīn Zhōng Lù, Bǎilùzhōu, Xiàmén, Zip: 361012 湖滨中路133号白鹭洲

Ramada Xiamen Hotel,
former Xiamen Rising Hotel (Xiàmén Huáměi Dá Chángshēng Dà Jiúdiàn 厦门华美达长升大酒店) Tel: 5031333 Add: 433 Chángqīng Rd Xiàmén Zip: 361012 长青路431号

Rosewood Lakeview Plaza,
Xiàmén (Xiàmén Zūnjué Húpàn Gōngyù 厦门尊爵湖畔公寓) Your 2nd home; spacious, fully appointed service apartments on the lake, opposite Marco Polo, excellent service, very reasonable price by day, week or month. Kitchens, laundry, pool and gym; free breakfast buffet. Tel: 5112323 Add: #3 Jiànyè Lù
Zip: 361006 建业路3号
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Sheraton Hotel, Xiamen (Xiàmén Xǐlái Dēng 厦门喜来登酒店
Tel: 5525888???Add: #386-1 Jiāhé Lù Zip: 361009 嘉禾路386-1号 邮编

*Sofitel Plaza Xiamen (Xiàmén Suǒfēitè Dà Jiúdiàn 厦门索菲特大酒店)
Elegant 5 star; fine Western cuisine. Tel: 5078888
Add: 19 Húbīn Běi Lù Zip: 361012 湖滨北路19号

Swan Hotel Xiàmén (Xiàmén Tiān’é Dà Jiúdiàn 厦门天鹅大酒店)
Tel: 5395888 FAX: 5395666 Add: Báilùzhōu Square 白鹭洲天鹅广场

United Hotel, Xiamen (Xiàmén Fúlián Dà Jiúdiàn 厦门福联大饭店) 3 Stars
Tel: 5055888 Add: #469 Húbīn Nán Lù Zip: 361004 湖滨南路469号
Wànháo Hotel (Wànháo Dà Jiúdiàn 万豪大酒店) Famous Cantonese dimsum.
Tel: 5580888 Add: #90 Táiwān Jiē, Xiàmén, Zip: 361009台湾街90号

Xiàmén Airlines [Jīnyàn] Hotel (Xiàmén Hángkōng Jīnyàn Jiúdiàn 厦门航空金雁酒店) On Yuándāng Lake; only ?in-hotel airport check-in service. Tel: 2218888 Add: No. 99 South Húbīn Rd, Zip 361004厦门湖滨南路99号

Xiamen Plaza (Xiàmén Dōngnányà Jiúdiàn 厦门东南亚大酒店) 4 Star
Beside train station; 12km. from airport. Tel: 5366661 FAX: 5366662
Add: 908 Xiàhé Lù, Xiàmén, Zip 361004 厦门 思明区 厦禾路908号????
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Xiamen Riyuegu (Sun-Moon Valley) Hot Springs Resort (Xiàmén Rìyuè Gǔ Wēnquán Dùjià Cūn 厦门日月谷温泉渡假村) One of the best in Asia! Excellent website. Tel: 6312222? FAX: 6312345
Add: Tang’an Village, Dōngfú Town, Hǎicāng District Zip: 361027
海沧区东孚镇汤岸? E-mail:
Getting There: Busses #804, #450 or #451; or Xiàmén Zhāngzhōu Bus

Xiamen Singapore Hotel (Xiàmén Xīnjiāpò Dà Jiúdiàn 厦门新加坡大酒店) Behind Zhōngshān Park. Tel: 2026668 FAX: 2025950
Add: #113-121 Xi’an Lù Zip: 361003 溪岸路113-121号
Buses: 19 or 21 (exit at Zhongshan Park) or #1 (exit at #2 Market)

Xiamen University Hotel
(Xiàmén Dàxué厦门大学) Great prices, convenient, quiet. Jiànwén Lóu (建文楼)is cheapest, followed by Kèlì Lóu (克立楼), and Yìfū Lóu (逸夫楼)is most expensive, and has one of our favorite restaurants. Room includes Chinese breakfast. Getting There: all three are on the first intersection inside the old university gate by Nánpǔtuó Temple (Nánpǔtuó 南普陀). Tel: 208-7988 FAX: 2086116
Xiamen Imperial Bayview Hotel  Yiyuan Hotel

Yiyuan Hotel (Xiamen Imperial Bayview, Yìyuán Jiúdiàn 驿缘酒店)On Island Ring Road. Good Western food; holds Sunday brunch after the International Christian Fellowship (10:30 to 12:00). Tel: 5366661 Add: #5-6 Zēng Cuò’ān Cānglǐ曾厝?仓里5-6号?? E-mail:


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