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Travel Guide for Xiamen and Fujian
AmoyMagic-- Travel , Resident and Business Guide to Xiamen and Fujian
Xiamen Gulangyu Kulangyu Kolongsoo Kolongsu KulongsuGulangyu
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Discover Quanzhou, ancient start of maritime silk route ( or Zaytun Zaitun Zaiton ) from which Marco Polo sailed,  Sinbad the Arab visited.  ChinchewQuanzhou Wuyi Mountain Guide Zhuxi  tea Wuyi
Wuyi Mountain Guide Zhuxi  tea Fuzhou new!
Favorite Fujian tourist sites , in order: Xiamen Quanzhou Longyan Hakka earthen houses Wuyi mountain Ningde #1Fujian Sites
Photographs of Fuhken places like Zhangzhou, Longyan, Ningde, Sanming, Wuyi Mountain
Fujian Foto Album
Guidebooks about Fujian and Xiamen Fujian Adventure Discover Quanzhou Discover Gulangyu Magic Fujian etc.Books on Fujian
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Ningde Taimu Mountain ZhouningNingde Zhouning Carp VillageZhouning
Longyan Yongding Hakka round houses earthen architectureLongyan Sanming Scenic Wonderland Mingxi Gem bed rubies Sanming
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1994 80 day 40,000 km drive to Tibet & backTibet in 80 Days!forty thousand kilometer drive around China
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Quanzhou Mandarin Hotel (Quanzhou's Best)Chinese Version of Quanzhou Mandarin Hotel
Fuzhou Hotel GuideFuzhou Hotels   Quanzhou Hotel GuideXiamen Hotels Quanzhou Hotel GuideQuanzhou Hotels Gulangyu Hotels and Hostels  and bed and breakfastsGulangyu Hotels
Quanzhou Hotel GuideQuanzhou Main Page

Xiamen Millennium Harbourview HotelMillennium Harbourview Hotel(Best in Fujian) Magic Millennium Hotel Xiamen Best HotelsMagic Millennium Blog

You can’t fully appreciate Quanzhou by day unless you’ve had a good rest by night. Fortunately, Quanzhou has one of our favorite hotels, the Quanzhou Mandarin Hotel (泉州悦华酒店)

The Princess and the Pea My wife must be related to the princess who felt the pea beneath 50 mattresses because she has found fault with fine establishments across the planet, from the legendary Princess Hotel in Acapulco and Hyatt in Maui to the Intercontinental in Vienna and the Bilderberg in Holland (Tsar Peter the Great liked it; my wife said it did not deserve five stars). We’ve also stayed in numerous Quanzhou hotels and each has pros and cons—except for the Mandarin, for which even my wife has only praise.

Room But No Board I’m not in my wife’s class (she says I have no class) but even I appreciate the Mandarin’s laid-back luxury—a rare marriage of elegance and comfort, imposing but inviting. The 380 well-appointed rooms are perfect for relaxing, resting, or getting a bit of work done in private. I also like the small touches, such as fresh flowers, fruit platter, reading materials, and city map. And while “room and board” in most Chinese hotels means the beds are as hard as a board, even my princess appreciated the Mandarin’s luxurious beds. I’d have been happy to hide out in our room—except for meals, of course, which one should not miss at the Mandarin.

Global Cuisine The Mandarin’s Lotus Restaurant serves many styles of Chinese cuisine in a classical setting, and the Kansai Japanese Restaurant could have been teleported straight from Tokyo. We enjoy buffet breakfasts in the Mandarin Garden Cafeteria and Lounge, which felt more like the South Pacific than downtown China. And the icing on the cake is Jeffrey’s Bakery. Fujian’s top pastry chef, Jeffrey offers everything from tiramisu, tarts and Napoleons to specialty breads and rolls. Or try a DIY (do-it-yourself) pastry for a loved one! Tel: 28019999 x5166

Enjoy Quanzhou Mandarin Hotel'ss comprehensive business and conference facilities, or their excellent gym, sauna and heated pool (Quanzhou’s best), or their business center, or the elite Executive Floor’s exclusive services and privileges.


挑剔的“豌豆公主”: 我太太有点像安徒生童话里的豌豆公主。不论是在阿卡普尔科传说中的“豌豆公主”酒店,还是在维也纳的凯悦酒店,抑或是彼尔德伯格公园酒店(这个连沙皇彼得都喜欢得不得了的豪华酒店,我太太却认为它不够档次),每一次入住,我太太都能从中挑出一些毛病出来。可是住在悦华酒店,我太太除了赞扬还是赞扬。

悦华的美食: 酒店的荷风中餐厅有提供中国各地的传统美食;二楼石山日本料理的菜肴口味更是正宗,因为它的很多原材料都是从日本东京直接空运过来的;悦园咖啡厅非常宽敞舒适,我和我太太喜欢在悦园咖啡厅悠闲地吃着早餐,这让我感觉像是在自己的国家,而不是在中国;杰弗里大师做的提拉米苏、拿破仑酥、黑森林等很多糕点常常让我念念不忘;悦华酒店还有完善的商务和会议设施,先进的健身设备,以及服务周到的桑拿中心,商务中心,如果想了解更多更全面的信息的话,你可以登陆悦华酒店的网站.

5 Star(五星级)
Quanzhou Mandarin Hotel 泉州悦华酒店 (泉州最好的酒店,餐厅、健身房和游泳池俱佳)
Add: W. Citong Rd. S. Section 泉州刺桐西路南段
Phone: (595)2801-9999

4 Star(四星级)
Quanzhou Hotel 泉州酒店   Great location, near historic Zhongshan Rd.; excellent cuisine, nice gym, good pool; reasonable prices.(毗邻中山路,地点很好,餐饮、健身房和游泳池俱佳)
Add. 22 Zhuangfu Lane, Downtown, 泉州市区庄府巷22号
Phone: (595)2218-2128 FAX: (595)2218-2128

Jinjiang Aile Holiday Hotel, 晋江爱乐度日酒店
Add. Yangguang Industrial Town, 晋江市青阳杨光工贸城
Phone: (595)8566-6666 FAX: (595)8566-6999

3 Star(三星级)
Quanzhou Zaytun Hotel, 泉州刺桐饭店
My home away from home—beautiful garden ambience.(我的家外之家――园林式的环境)
Add. North Tian’an Road, Downtown, 泉州市区田安路北段
Phone: (595)2210-2222 FAX: (595)2210-2108

Quanzhou Overseas Chinese Hotel, 泉州华侨大厦
Another favorite—perfect downtown location, EZ walk to everything.
Add. Baiyuan Rd. Downtown, 泉州市区百源路
Phone: (595)2228-2192 FAX: (595)2228-4612

Quanzhou Huxin Hotel, 泉州湖心大酒店
Add. Huxin Street, Downtown, 泉州市区湖心街
Phone: (595)2228-2888 FAX: (595)2219-7889

Quanzhou Taihe Hotel, 泉州泰和大酒店
Add. Tian’an Road, Downtown (by stadium), 泉州市区田安路
Phone: (595)2210-5888 FAX: (595)2210-5888

Quanzhou Qunsheng Hotel, 泉州群盛大酒店
Very reasonable rates, spacious rooms(房价非常合理,客房宽敞)
Add. Huxin Street, Downtown, 泉州市区湖心街
Phone: (595)2216-6788 FAX: (595)2216-6298

Hui’an Dapeng Hotel, 惠安大鹏酒店
Add. Dapeng Store, Downtown Hui’an City, 惠安城关大鹏商店
Phone: (595)8737-7777 FAX (595)8738-2471

Shishi Overseas Chinese Hotel, 石狮华侨大厦
Add. Jiu’er Road, Downtown Shishi, 石狮市九二路
Phone: (595)8878-7108 FAX (595)8878-1643

Nan’an Overseas Chinese Hotel, 南安华侨大酒店
Add.Ximei, Downtown Nan’an, 南安市溪美
Phone: (595)8638-8888 FAX (595)8638--9999

Nan’an Gold Deer Hotel, 南安金鹿大酒店
Add. Honglai Town, Nan’an, 南安市洪濑镇
Phone: (595)8669-9999 FAX: (595)8669--6333

Nan’an (Shuitou) Mingchao Hotel, 南安明超大酒店
Near Koxinga Memorial and Cai Minnan Village
Add. Xiasheng Rd., Shuitou, Nan’an, 南安水头厦盛路

2 Star
Anxi Overseas Chinese Hotel, 安溪华侨大酒店
Add. Lianyi Building #1, North Street, Anxi, 安溪北街1号联谊大厦
Phone: (595)2326-6979 FAX: (595)2326-6979

Yongchun Qiaolian Hotel, 永春桥联大厦
Add. 143 Huancheng Rd., Taocheng Township, Yongchun County
Phone: (595)2388-4202 FAX: (595)2388-4205

Yongchun Hotel, 永春酒店
Add. 61 Huancheng Rd., Downtown Yongchun, 永春县\环城路61号
Phone: (595)2388-6990 FAX: (595)2388-2863

Dehua Cidu (Porcelain Capital) Hotel, 德化瓷都酒店
Add. Downtown Dehua, 德化县城关
Phone: (595)2358-8188 FAX: (595)2358-8988

Xiamen Millennium Harbourview HotelMillennium Harbourview Hotel (Best in Fujian).

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Gulangyu Kulangyu Kolongsoo Kolongsu Kulongsu

Guide to Xiamen University Historic and modern, including departments -- Arts Science computers mathematics accounting management law department etc.Xiamen Univ

Mystic Quanzhou -- the fabled port of Zayton ( or Zaytun Zaitun Zaiton ) from which Marco Polo sailed,  Sinbad the Arab visited.  Chinchew

AmoyMagic-- Travel , Resident and Business Guide to Xiamen and Fujian

Fujian Adv

Guide to Fukien Fuhken  Bilingual Chinese English Parallel with MP3 CD


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