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Cartoon: I love Sue," for Suie's 2004 Valentine card.  She's in the states, so I'm using our website to send her a Valentine's card.  Happily, she returns, with her mom, next week.  Amoy Magic--Guide to Xiamen and Fujian (tourism, travel, trade, business, language study, Minnan cuisine, deng deng!)





Valentine card: "I would love her on a goat.." Amoy Magic--Guide to Xiamen and Fujian  http://www.amoymagic.com  Guide to Xiamen investment, travel, business, tourism, study, research, Minnan cuisine, deng deng!

  Would You, Could You, Please Be Mine?
............................by Dr. Bill

(This is based on a humorous children's book, "Green Eggs The cartoon "Green Eggs and Ham is based on the Dr. Seuss children's book "Green Eggs and Ham," in which the character says  "I do not like green eggs and ham."  Amoy Magic--Guide to Xiamen and Fujian (tourism, travel, trade, Minnan cuisine, study, xiamen university, deng deng! http://www.amoymagic.comand Ham," by Dr. Seuss)

I do not like green eggs and SPAM,
So when I check e-mail, I am,
All fearful till my inbox shows
That I've got mail! And my heart glows
When I confirm that love of mine
Has sent to me a Valentine!

Would you, could you, please be mine?
Oh would you be my Valentine?
Oh would you, could you be a part,
Of all that's joyful in my heart?

For I would love you here or there,Valentine cartoon: "I would love her on the moon"  Amoy Magic--Guide to Xiamen and Fujian (tourism, travel, business, investment, deng deng)
Sue , I would love you anywhere!

Yes, I would love you on the moon,
Or sailing high in a balloon,
Oh, I would love you here or there,
Sue, I would love you anywhere.

So Sue, this Valentine I send,
To you my sweetheart and best friend.
And hope that on this special day
That in my heart I'll hear you say,

That you will love me here or there,
And you will love me anywhere,
That you would love me in a boat,
Or riding saddled on a goat,
Or in a car or on a plane,
Or soaking wet out in the rain.

And please don't think that I'm a pain
When I insist just once again,Valentine cartoon: Sue & Bill  Http://www.amoymagic.com   Amoy Magic--Guide to Xiamen and Fujian tourism, travel, investment, trade, business, Minnan cuisine, Xiamen University, deng deng!
That I will love you here and there,
Sue, I will love you everywhere.

Would you, could you plant a kiss
Upon me Sue, 'cause how I miss
To have you cuddled up to me,
Now you're so far across the sea,

And you might think that I am daft
But I would love you on a raft,
And if folks said, 'Oh look at him!"
I still would love you, sink or swim,

And if I sank, I'd ride a whale,
Till I was close enough to yell,
That I would love you on the beach
Or anywhere that's within reach
Of one poor guy who all will do
To be again with his love Sue.

So will you, won't you say to me,Valentine cartoon: kiss!  Amoymagic.com  Amoy Magic--Guide to Xiamen and Fujian (history, culture, travel, tourism, trade, business, language study, deng deng
That you forever more will be,
The sunshine of my too brief life,
My best friend, Sue, and my best wife!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Dr. Seuss was one of my favorite authors, and most famous for his delightfully illustrated children's books like "Cat in the Hat" and "Green Eggs and Ham." Learn more about him at this excellent "Center for Seussian Studies"! http://www.seuss.org/



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